1:22,5 G-scale, (45mm track), „reconstruction“ of the
Metre-Gauge Beyer-Garratt 4-8-4 + 4-8-4 for the Kenya & Uganda Railways
see/download Quicktime-VR 3D-view of the dataset - 2,6Mb

see/download your 3D-paper cut-out model of the dataset - 1,8Mb

see/download 21 Pages "making of MENGO" 1:22.5 1.4Mb

Mengo in/on a wooden box

Oktober 2006 new painting for mengo

Start of TESO - Livesteam

It is my goal to create a precise reconstruction of the twelve Beyer Peacock 4-8-4 + 4-8-4 Metre-Gauge Locomotive for Kenya & Uganda Railways on a scale of 1:22,5 , as far as it is possible. With only one exception: The inside of the firebox and heater.

MENGO is not for sale.

I start with NAROK. NAROK is a live steam version.The minimum radius is 1.5 meters/3 feet. We have to make some parts like the steamcylinders new.The photo left shows the stereolitho models.

July 2009
NAROK goes to a French collector

November 2008
Start assembling KARAMOJA E-powered... 4 KUR-Garratts are finished.

Construction work on the 2nd project: Kitson-Mayer

please note rendering of flexible steamtube; flexible steamtube photo: left you see tube in tube system.

Please look for further details and updates on completion-list.